Finally, i declaration previous sexual routines one of guys who had has just paid to own sex

We did not generate evaluations between dudes that has not has just purchased sex as incidence is actually suprisingly low. This type of research are meant to end up being descriptive merely.


Sao Paulo had the highest proportion of men who had ever been CSW clients (26.5 %), followed by Cuernavaca (10.4 %) and Tampa (4.9 %, p < 0.001). In Sao Paulo 23.0 % had ever paid women for sex as compared to 10.1 % in Cuernavaca and 4.6 % in Tampa (p < 0.001).

Desk ? Table1 step one presents sociodemographic and you can sexual correlates off paying for sex, stratified from the study web site. When you look at the Sao Paulo, increased proportion regarding CSW readers have been old 24–40 years; single, divorced, or widowed; got large academic attainment; and you may have been MSMW. When it comes to sexual habits, there are no high variations regarding age of genital sex initiation and existence reputation of STIs. Sao Paulo CSW members had so much more vaginal sex couples than men who had never ever purchased sex.

Desk step 1

Sociodemographic characteristics and you may sexual routines certainly one of 3,829 dudes signed up for new HPV when you look at the Dudes (HIM) Studies by lifestyle history of investing in sex, stratified of the investigation website, 2005–2009

Instructional attainment and same-sex sexual conclusion were in the paying for sex among men when you look at the Cuernavaca in the bivariable analyses. Regarding sexual behavior, there have been zero significant distinctions with regards to chronilogical age of genital sex initiation. In contrast to Sao Paulo CSW customers, CSW readers from inside the Cuernavaca was indeed more likely to declaration a lifetime reputation of STIs rather than understanding if they got ever had a keen STI than dudes who’d never taken care of sex. As in Sao Paulo, CSW subscribers inside the Cuernavaca had a whole lot more genital sex couples than simply guys who had never purchased sex.

In Tampa, buying sex try associated with years, e-sex sexual choices from inside the bivariable analyses. In place of the fresh Sao Paulo and Cuernavaca trials, CSW clients was basically prone to begin sex from the before (we.elizabeth., before years fourteen years) and later (i.e., shortly after years 18 years) decades as compared with people who had never ever purchased sex. Like CSW subscribers throughout the almost every other locations, CSW clients for the Tampa got a whole lot more vaginal sex partners in comparison with those who had never covered sex. Ultimately, CSW members into the Tampa was indeed expected to report with a great reputation for STIs compared to those who had never paid for sex see the site.

Multivariable Patterns to own Correlates out of Previously Spending money on Sex

I built multivariable logistic regression models into contacts ranging from existence reputation for buying sex and you can sociodemographic details (Table  2 ). Old age is a critical correlate out of buying sex, although the connectivity were additional round the towns. Inside Sao Paulo, CSW customers was basically more likely to feel old 24–30 and thirty two–40 as compared with 18–23 years. During the Cuernavaca, CSW website subscribers was in fact more likely to become old 41–71 than 18–23 many years. From inside the Tampa, CSW website subscribers was likely to become aged 24–29, 32–40, and 41–70 than years 18–23 age.

Table dos

Logistic regression type sociodemographic correlates of lives reputation of spending to possess sex among men in the Sao Paulo, Brazil; Cuernavaca, Mexico; and Tampa, USA: 2005–2009

From inside the Sao Paulo and you may Cuernavaca, men sex subscribers had been less likely to feel hitched otherwise cohabitating as compared with becoming single; relationship reputation was not from the paying for sex in the Tampa. High informative attainment is of being a good CSW visitors merely on Sao Paulo and you may Cuernavaca trials. Across the most of the about three internet, MSMW got a great 72–162 % enhanced likelihood of becoming CSW subscribers than MSW.

We 2nd built multivariable logistic regression activities to the associations between lifetime reputation of spending money on sex and you can sexual behavior (Table  step three ). Regarding Sao Paulo, dudes just who initiated vaginal sex in the ages 19 ages or elderly was significant less inclined to have been an excellent CSW client than people who started on decades fourteen decades or younger after modifying having decades, e-sex sexual conclusion. Although in the bivariable analyses paying for sex try associated with the age regarding vaginal initiation throughout the Tampa try, it relationship vanished when we managed sociodemographic variables.